Borrowing Policy

Each card holder may have a maximum of 25 items checked out per library card.  Of those 25 items, card holders may check out a maximum of 5 media items per library card, which includes DVDs, blu-rays, music CDs, Wii and software.

Patrons with a temporary card may only have 5 items checked out at a given time (2 of which can be media) in the first six months of having a new card or registering after a time lapse.

Borrowing Items

1 week
DVDs, Magazines, Music CDs, Wii Games, Xbox 360 Games, Software

2 weeks
Long Loan DVDs, Tote Bag Buddies

3 weeks
Books, Books on CD, Children's Kits

Due to subject limitations, only 3 books per non-fiction subject may be borrowed by a family at one time.  We have an outside book drop for your convenience which includes a media slot to accomodate DVDs, Books on CD, Music CDs, Wii Games and Software.

LaGrange Library assumes no responsibility for damage caused to a borrower's player by a library's disc.

Renewing Items

Items may be renewed 2 times if no one is waiting for them.  You can renew online, by phone or in person.
Click here for instructions on logging into your account and renewing items online

Requesting Items

If you're looking for an item that is checked out or we don't own, you can request it by using the Public Library Catalog.  You can have requested material delivered to any library in the Mid-Hudson Library System.  When it arrives we'll call or e-mail you (if you've provided us with your e-mail address) and you'll have 7 days to pick up your items.
Click here for instructions on searching the catalog and requesting a title

PIN Numbers

If you've forgotten your PIN, call the Library at (845) 452-3141.  Since it's encrypted we won't be able to tell you what it is, but we can delete it so you'll be prompted to enter a new one.  You can change your PIN at any time by logging into your account in the Public Library Catalog and clicking Modify Your PIN.


DVDs, Tote Bag Buddies: $1.00 per day
Museum Passes: $25.00 per day
All other library material: 25¢ per day

You’ll never be fined more than $10 per late item (except for Museum Passes), but your library privileges will be suspended if you owe $10 or more in fines or charges.

Once an item is 2 weeks overdue we’ll send you a notice.  If the item is still overdue after 2 months we’ll send you a bill for the replacement cost of the item and your library privileges will be suspended until you pay the charges.

Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check Policy


Reserve item not picked up within the week time period on the holdshelf     $1 per item
Replace a lost library card                                                                            $1
Lost or damaged audio or DVD case                                                            $5
Lost or damaged CD from an audiobook                                                      $10 per CD